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Dødens læger  by  Ken McClure

Dødens læger by Ken McClure
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Another medical mystery from one of the masters of the genre. An exciting and easy read. It has dated a little, computer discs too large to carry and as for mobile phones I dont think they had been invented when this book was written. Despite this there are still some relevant themes e.g.

issues surrounding AIDS and the increasing centralisation of the NHS. The introduction of the female character to add a touch of romance certainly stretches the imagination. Regular readers of Ken McClure would agree I think. This book introduces the main themes and ideas at the beginning. Some reviewers have noted this as a negative however I would say that this was one of the more positive features.

It kept me sufficiently interested to see which way the author would take the story but without losing too much in the detail. There is plenty of action and suspense throughout and the pace is good. This book builds slowly to a wonderful and twisty climax and for that reason I would highly recommend it.

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